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OMGT Textbook Information

Course Title Instructor Syllabus
BENG 5613 Simulation Modeling of Biological Systems Loewer View
BENG 5623 Life Cycle Assessment Matlock View
BENG 5633 Linkages among Technology, Economics and Societal Values Loewer View
BENG 5933 Environmental & Ecological Risk Assessment Matlock View
BMEG 5953 Fundamentals of Fracture & Fatigue in Structures Saxena View
CHEG 5273 Corrosion Control Myers View
CSCE 4753 Computer Networks Thompson, D.R. View
CVEG 4203 Environmental Regulations and Permits R. Williams View
CVEG 4243 Environmental Engineering Design Edwards View
CVEG 4303 Reinforced Concrete Design I Selvam View
CVEG 5143 Transportation Soils Engineering Dennis View
CVEG 5243 Groundwater Hydrology Soerens View
CVEG 5273 Open Channel Flow Williams View
CVEG 5313 Matrix Analysis of Structures Selvam View
CVEG 5333 Concrete Materials Hale View
CVEG 5323 Structural Dynamics Selvam View
CVEG 5353 Prestressed Concrete Design Hale View
CVEG 5383 Finite Elements Methods in Civil Engineering Selvam View
CVEG 563V Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics Selvam View
CVEG 563V ST: Low Impact Development Soerens View
CVEG 563V ST: Seismic Steel Building Design Prinz View
CVEG 563V ST: Geosynthetic Applications in Civil Engineering Dennis View


ST: Statistical Applications in Civil Engineering Soerens View

CVEG 5863

Fundamentals of Sustainability in Civil Engineering Braham View

CVEG 5953


Fundamentals of Fracture & Fatigue in Structures Saxena View
ELEG 3903 Electric Circuits and Machines Spiesshoefer View
ELEG 5203 Semiconductor Devices Naseem View
ELEG 5323 Semiconductor Nanostructures I Manasreh View
ELEG 5403 Control Systems McCann View
ELEG 5413 Modern Control Systems McCann View
ELEG 5423 Optimal Control Systems McCann View
ELEG 5443 Nonlinear Systems Analysis and Control McCann View
ELEG 5473 Control of Electric Power Systems McCann View
ELEG 5503 Design of Advanced Power Distribution Systems Balda View
ELEG 5513 Power Systems Analysis McCann View
ELEG 5523 Electric Power Quality Balda View
ELEG 5533 Power Electronics & Motor Drives Balda View
ELEG 5663 Communication Theory Wu View
ELEG 5693 Wireless Communications Wu View
ELEG 587V Electric Power Regulation and Markets Younes Velosa View
EMGT 5033 Introduction to Engineering Management Cilli View
GNEG 590V Introduction to Data Analytics Beam View
INEG 4833 Introduction to Database Concepts M. Rossetti View
INEG 5313 Engineering Applications of Probability Theory Cassady View
INEG 5323 Engineering Applications of Stochastic Processes Cassady View
INEG 5383 Risk Analysis for Transportation and Logistics Systems Pohl View
INEG 5433 Cost Estimation Models (same as OMGT 5433) Pohl/Lithgow View
INEG 5443 Decision Models (Same as OMGT 5443) Parnell/Bresnick View
INEG 5613 Intro to Optimization Theory Rardin View

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INEG 5683 Nonlinear Programming Pohl View

INEG 5813


Introduction to Simulation Rossetti View
MEEG 4413 Heat Transfer Couvillion View
MEEG 4423 Power Generation Roe View
MEEG 4433 Aerospace Propulsion Roe View
MEEG 4453 Industrial Waste and Energy Management Nutter View
MEEG 4473 Indoor Environmental Control Nutter View
MEEG 4483 Thermal Systems Analysis and Design Couvillion View
MEEG 4523 Astronautics Roe View
MEEG 5403 Advanced Thermodynamics Couvillion View
MEEG 5453 Advanced Heat Transfer Couvillion View
MEEG 5473 Radiation Heat Transfer Couvillion View

MEEG 5533

Fundamentals of Aerodynamics Huang View

MEEG 5953

Fundamentals of Fracture & Fatigue in Structures Saxena View



Advanced Fracture Mechanics and Structural Integrity Saxena View

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